Frequently Asked Questions




Remote Learning During School Closure 

Lincoln Primary School

Frequently Asked Questions


This page has been created to help answer some frequently asked questions regarding school closure and remote learning.  

If these do not answer your questions please feel free to contact me at and 406-563-6141, Ext 1302

Why is it important that my child participate in remote learning during a school closure?

The Anaconda School District provides your child with 180 days of instruction.  We know that each of these days is extremely important in your child’s learning and growth.   Please know that a lot of the work the students need to complete can be done independently. However, some of the work does require an adult to facilitate.  One of the best things you can do is listen to your child read or even read a story to your children. All it takes is 15-30 minutes a day to keep your child on track.   

When will I find out how this remote learning is going to work?

On Monday, March 22nd and Tuesday, March 23rd, the teachers will be contacting you to find out how you would like to receive your child’s work?  You will have 3 options:  

  1.  Through an email packet
  2.  From the school’s website
  3.  A packet that you can pick up from Lincoln starting on Wednesday.  

We have to limit the number of staff in the building to no more than 10 so our plan is to have everything ready by Wednesday.  

I’m getting a hard copy packet.  What is the procedure for picking these up?

Packets will be located at the front door of the school for parents to pick up starting on Wednesday the 25th from 8am - 12pm and 3pm - 6pm

What work does my child need to complete?  

We provided options knowing that not every family has access to technology.  If you don’t have access to technology then you can have your child complete the work in the hard copy packets.

Your child needs to complete assignments in reading, math, and writing each day and fill out the logs. 

How does my child turn in their work?

When the school closure ends, feel free to bring your child’s work to the classroom to share with their teacher.  You can also contact the teacher through email (see below) and discuss options for returning work.  

How do I contact my child’s teacher?

Teachers are available through email during normal school hours and will be checking their email regularly. All school emails are first initial last So, teacher Bob Smith’s email would be  

If your child’s teacher uses class DOJO they will be available on that platform as well during normal school hours.  

What hours will the office be open?

There will be someone in the school during normal school hours.  We will still have someone answering the phone so if you have questions or are in need of something please call 406-563-6141, Ext 1300.  Please don’t come to the school without notifying the office - we are trying to keep our numbers under 10.